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5 Smart Ways to Earn an Extra $100 This Weekend

Ryan M. Raiker, MBA
5 min readJul 31

The weekend offers a perfect opportunity to boost your finances and make some extra cash. Whether you’re saving up for a special event, looking to pay off a debt, or pad your wallet, there are plenty of ways to make $100 or more within a couple of days. This blog will explore five creative and practical ways to make extra money this weekend.

Freelance Gigs or Online Tasks

The internet has revolutionized the way people work, and there are numerous freelance platforms where you can offer your skills and services. If you have a talent for writing, graphic design, web development, or even data entry, you can find clients willing to pay for your work. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow you to create a profile and bid on various projects. Dedicate a few hours each day to complete tasks or gigs, and you might be surprised how quickly you can earn that $100 target.

Recently I’ve discovered from a friend of mine who has been earning an extra $150 on his Saturdays putting IKEA-type furniture together for people in our neighborhood.

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Host a Garage Sale or Flea Market Booth

This one has me thinking… I have so much crap around the house that I am not using, and it just takes up space.

Garage sales are a classic yet effective way to declutter your home while making some extra cash by hosting a sale right in your front yard. Gather items you no longer need or use, such as clothing, furniture, electronics, and knick-knacks, and set up shop in your front yard. Advertise your sale through social media and local community boards to attract more potential buyers. Alternatively, consider renting a booth at a local flea market to reach a broader audience and increase your chances of reaching the $100 mark.

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Offer Services in Your Neighborhood

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