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Digital transformation is revolutionizing entire industries and rapidly changing customer expectations. However, many organizations are challenged to maximize the value of digital transformation. The reasons are often rooted in a lack of visibility and a true understanding of business processes, particularly in the way that people, content, and processes interact.

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Businesses need to improve efficiency and lower costs while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and thriving as we approach our new normal. Process mining is the first step towards Process Intelligence and improvement. By analyzing your business data, you can spot trends, detect problems, and continuously improve. As we look toward…

ABBYY’s advanced task and process mining are powered by artificial intelligence, to deliver 360-degree visibility into business operations and combine insights from people, processes, and content. This means going beyond traditional approaches like manual analysis of people, and data to gain specialized understanding and complete visibility into your business processes…

From Ryan Raiker — As Seen in Disrupt Magazine

These five things I wish someone told me before I got started working were originally published in an interview with Disrupt Magazine.

I have received many responses from young folks, college students, and friends mid-career about these five things, tips if you would, and it is my hope that in…

Ryan M. Raiker, MBA

Former Tech/Mgt Consultant. Process Expert | Marketing Director | Digital Guy | Adjunct Professor & Learner. I write about tech, marketing, business, and more.

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