The modern age “Machine Gun” for Successful and Enterprise-wide RPA

Intelligent Automation is here!

  • The post-RPA requirement to quantify savings, monitor performance, control compliance, and an ability to advertise success and further scale automation throughout the enterprise.

How does a Process Intelligence Platform support RPA?

Pre-RPA Implementation

Firstly, Process Intelligence should be used during the pre-implementation analysis of existing processes to highlight the ideal candidates for an RPA both in terms of process efficiency goals and to define realistic Return on Investment expectations.

Post RPA-implementation

We all need to remember that whilst the discovery and analysis components of a Process Intelligence deployment can provide great value in a process assessment, it is hardly the final destination! The ultimate goal is to improve them, whether this be achieved through staff training, process re-engineering or through automation. This is the area where a “True” Process Intelligence Platform can deliver unmatched functionality.

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